19 Jan

enhanced-22201-1411997755-8I’ve watched the weather – not that it’s ever really accurate but I still seem to do it every morning. (?)  I’m on my first cup of coffee and thinking about the day ahead. This is the time when I usually have ALL sorts of great plans and hopes for the day. Sometimes I even make lists! This is also my most productive time of the day… at least in my head.

There’s an unwanted pet in my house, a bug of procrastination. I hate it. It’s a creepy, crawly, sneaky little thing that I rarely notice and can mess up a day, and goals, quicker than anything else I know of barring the flu. It’s kind of like a spider really, Quietly wrapping me in silken threads of ‘doing nothing’, and as the day goes on those threads get stickier and more difficult to extricate from. I think I’ll give it a name. Steve.  Steve the Spider!

I’m going to explore this mental arachnid and it’s myriad grasping legs that prevent productivity in the next few weeks and share what I find out with you. I’ll start with this little test from Psychology today, maybe it will bring some clarity.

I’d like to hear how you deal with your spider of procrastination in the comments. Let’s name this little bugger so we can deal with it and get on with creating a great life!

and…Good morning all!

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